Love + Magic




Juana Elizabeth Edmonson was, and in many ways still is, a force of nature.

A master cook. A Southern momma. A lady. A warrior. And the hardest working woman I’ve ever known, my momma taught me everything I needed to know about food and life. And in everything I do, I honor her. The Original Day One. Forever.

100% Plant Based, Love + Magic Cake Mix

Chef Reine Keis

Chef Reine Keis is a maker of delicious things, and it’s no wonder her favorite room in the house has always been the kitchen. Though she’s tried to leave the food industry often, fast forward 30 years and you’ll find Reine is still committed to the industry that changed her life.
While studying abroad in Lyon, France, during college, Reine fell in love with France’s pastries and cuisine—but nothing replaced her momma’s cookies and cakes. Nothing. Upon completing her degrees in English and French from Saint Louis University, Reine began her career in publishing, but every day hurried home to bake something delicious. She even picked up a part-time job at a small bakery to keep honing her skills.
After taking time off to start her family, Reine decided to re-enter the working world. At a final interview with a local magazine, one of the four interviewers asked Reine how many children she had. Lo and behold: she didn’t get the job, lol! But she did get the inspiration needed to change her life. Reine was baking nightly by this point, and this interview made her take a chance on herself.  Within a year of that day, Reine opened her first bakery, SweetArt.
After 13 years of owning and operating SweeArt, Reine is so proud to present love+magic, the country’s premier gourmet plant-based cake mix. And she’s still so grateful she didn’t get that editing job. <3

Love Travels Swiftly to Those Ready for the Adventure.