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Always, Love + Magic.

When my babies were little, my oldest sonshine, Ajani, experienced somewhat severe issues with asthma and eczema. My family was already on a vegetarian diet, but after reading about how removing dairy and eggs could improve some asthma symptoms, I decided to make the family 100% plant-based to see if that would help Ajani.
It. Did.
Fast forward 17 years and a bakeshop/cafe later, I can now finally introduce a product designed to help other families have dessert without compromising flavor or texture: enter Love + Magic Plant-Based Cake Mixes. 
Created so every family wanting to enjoy tender, delicious vegan desserts can. And in the comfort of their own home.  I, Chef Reine Keis, am so grateful for the opportunity to have this labor-of-extreme-love grace your home. Seriously, thank you.